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Here’s the thing.  You know that content writing should be a part of your content marketing plan, but you haven’t fully committed to it.  You publish some blog post content when you can, but that’s all you’ve done.

Here’s something you should know.

Most businesses that have a regular content marketing plan have better success in bringing in new and qualified clients.

It’s that simple.

Blog Posts



Why you should Work With a Content Writer.


Takes the burden off of your shoulders

I’m sure your hands are full enough.  But add in content writing, and something will suffer.  Usually, the first thing to suffer is your content creation.  When obligations stack up, writing a blog post for the company website takes a backseat.


Bad writing skills can harm your brand

Nothing is more harmful to a brand than having content on their website full of spelling and grammatical errors. Or better yet, is all over the map.  Having a dedicated freelance writer on board is worth having.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky concept to grasp.  It seems that it is ever-evolving.  A good content writer will keep up-to-date on these changes.  This knowledge can help convert readers into paying customers.

I’m Danielle, a Content Writer in DC

I write blog posts, e-newsletters, and e-books for your business so that you have more free time to run your business, blog, or life.

Writing content for your business or blog takes time and energy that you can’t spare. I can help.

My focus is on writing SEO-friendly content that is up to par on grammar and spelling and engaging for your target audience. Plain and simple.

My Approach

Fill out a Content Brief

In order to make sure that your needs are being met, I’ll have you fill in a Content Brief. The Content Brief will lay out details such as your primary keywords and competition.

Research Your Keywords and Competition

I go through your Content Brief and I do a bit of research on your keywords and competition to ensure that we are taking the most efficient use of your content.

Write Engaging, SEO Blog Content

Once an agreement has been reached, I will produce content aimed at attracting and engaging your potential and current clients.

Samples of my Work

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7 Tips to Help You Love Reading Again

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